empowering and supporting artists on art-tech & innovative digital tools

The digiArt Initiative is funded by the Canada Council for the arts to empower and support artists by looking at innovative technology needs of artists such as art + blockchain, art + artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and others for artists during COVID-19 and beyond. The pandemic has forced many artists to go digital so digiArt hopes to help artists make that transition to digital business models. To be featured on digiArt with your art and the impact of the pandemic, click "join now" above.

Get access to curated content on information on innovative digital tools for artists.

Partners & Supporters

Thank you to the digiArt partners including: the Canadian Film Centre, Feminist Art Collective, Mural Routes, Neighbourhood Arts Network, Nuite Rose Festival of Queer Art and Performance, Onsite at OCAD University, Trinity Square Video, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and the Vancouver Biennale. Thank you also the Canada Council for funding this initiative. If you would like to become a partner or supporter, please email us at info@digiart.ca.

Share your views on innovative digital art tools!

If you are in the art world and have been affected by the pandemic and would like to share your views on whether innovative art-tech tools like blockchain (protecting copyright, ownership and authenticity and providing a safe and secure storage of art, artificial intelligence (finding infringements or art creations), virtual reality (attending exhibitions virtually), augmented reality (creating digital versions in spaces) and monetizing digital art (digital fingerprint to create unique identity).


empowering and supporting artists

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